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The Artful Dodger (Season 1) |Series DownloadThe Artful Dodger (Season 1) |Series Download

Jack Dawkins, often known as The Artful Dodger, has transformed his quick fingers from those of a pickpocket to the deft, dexterous fingers of a physician in the bustling colony of Port Victory in 1850s Australia. With the advent of Fagin, Dodger’s past comes back to haunt him, drawing him into the realm of crime once more. Genre: Drama/Crime/History Release Year: 2023 Movie Runtime: 50-60Min Movie Size: 70-120MB Movie Quality: 480p

The Chi ( Season 4) |Series DownloadThe Chi ( Season 4) |Series Download

After a police brutality incident, Jake, Papa, and Kevin face the harsh truth of how the public perceives young Black men. The tremors reverberate throughout the South Side as the three friends grapple with a malfunctioning system, motivating neighbours and friends to take action. Genre: Crime/Drama Release Year: 2021 Movie Runtime: 50-60 Min Movie Size: 100-200MB Movie Quality: 480p

The Chi (Season 1) |Series DownloadThe Chi (Season 1) |Series Download

The Chi

A poignant, contemporary, and unique tale of maturation that centres around six interconnected characters in Chicago’s South Side. In the story, Brandon, a self-assured and aspirational young man, battles his obligation to his mother and teenage brother back on the South Side with his desire to one day open his own restaurant. Genre: Drama Release Year: 2018 Movie Runtime: 50-60 Min Movie Size: 100-200MB Movie Quality: 480p